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Irrigation Installation/Repair/Maintenance


Let our team of licensed technicians design and install an irrigation system for new or existing landscape. Contact us today at to learn more and to get an estimate.

When your irrigation system isn’t working properly, it can affect your lawn and garden health. Regular watering, at the proper times, is important to turf/lawn maintenance. And often times, the issue goes unnoticed or unattended to by your landscaping company.

At The Ormond Group, our trained technicians can assist you with all repairs, seasonal adjustments, monitoring, winterization, and spring startup evaluations. It is our job to ensure that any minor issues with your irrigation system are fixed and that it is on the right schedule for the season. When you purchased your irrigation system, it was an investment in your lawns health and attractiveness, and we want to make sure that it runs properly.

These services are only available through our annually contracted landscaping program. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help maintain your irrigation system.

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