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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you do not see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us.

What is all the fuss about crape myrtle pruning?

Ahh, the great debate. Mainly what your see around the Charlotte market is INCORRECT pruning; the landscaping industry calls it “crape murder.” In almost every incidence there is absolutely no need to drastically reduce the stalks of a crape myrtle. The correct way is to remove competing limbs within the tree canopy only. Look up in the canopy and remove crossing limbs that are keeping the tree from growing freely. If you have a pile of limbs when you are through, and the tree still looks like a tree, you have done it correctly.


When is the best time to prune/cut-back liriope (monkey grass)?

January/February is the best time before new growth occurs in the plant. Simply use your mower or weed trimmer to reduce foliage back to 2-3″.

IMPORTANT: If you have planted bulbs in the same area, do well before they emerge or you’ll miss the “spring show.”


What are five things I should look for in a landscaper?

When working with a landscaping service in Charlotte, make sure they offer the following:

  • Scheduled onsite meetings to review the landscape. The landscaper should allow your to provide feedback and discuss new ideas.
  • Streamlined communication for requests. Find out how long it will take to resolve issues and answer billing questions.
  • Professional, friendly, and well-trained crew. Ensure that the people maintaining your landscape and lawn know correct procedures and methods.
  • Ability to tailor a contract to meet your specific landscape needs. If you want lawn/turf management, but would like to continue working in your garden without a landscaping service, you should be able to.
  • A management team with over 50 years of combined landscape experience in the Charlotte area. You need a team of professionals you can trust, after all we want you to “enjoy the garden;it’s another room of your house.” ™

Is mosquito control safe for kids/dogs/pregnant women?

Yes. Our environmentally friendly method of saturating  the perimeter of the property/plants and other suspect areas versus a common approach of fogging or misting allows our Ormond Group Mosquito Control Program™ to minimize the spread of chemical in the air. Additionally, we post a notice in a visible area on your property to alert you of the time and date of the application and any information you may need to be aware of, which is very little as the product soaks in within 2 hours.

How many mosquito control applications are there?

Based on normal Charlotte rainfall, there are typically only 3-4 applications needed per year in the Ormond Group Mosquito Control Program™;  fewer application and most often less expensive per year than most other programs.


You just aerated and seeded my turf. What do I do about watering?

Water three times a day. Water enough to keep seed moist between watering’s. Do not let water start to pool. This will cause seed to shift and limit successful germination. Ideal times would be 7am, 12noon, and 5pm.  This is crucial to proper seed germination. We will let you know at the end of the germination cycle when to cut back on the water to twice weekly.


How long do I have to stay off the turf after aeration/seeding?

Please do your best to stay off the newly seeded turf for the next 21 days in order to increase germination success.


How long will it be before I start to see the new grass come up after aeration/seeding?

About 14-21 days. We will not mow again until the new seedlings have taken root in order to protect this process, but the crew will continue to visit your property regularly to monitor  progress (scratch and spot seed areas of concerns) as well as handle other contracted services.


What kind of seed do you use? I want to add some more.

Please do not attempt to add seed. Our crews are trained to monitor the progress of your turf and will apply more seed if needed. It is important not choke the existing seed by putting too much.


When are spring/fall annuals planted?

Spring annuals are planted at the end of April/beginning of May while fall annuals are planted in October.


What all is included in the annual color program?

In addition to the delivery and planting of the flowers themselves, our annual color program includes all the necessary amendments plus mulch and maintenance of the flowers during the growing season.


I just got flowers planted. How should I water them?

If you do not have an irrigation system, we need for you to water the flowers every other day for the first three weeks to help them get established.

If you do have an irrigation system, we need for you to keep an eye on them and water as needed for the first three weeks to help them get established.


You planted tulips at my property, when should I expect them to come up?

Tulips, based on their variety, may come up between early April, though early May.  You may start seeing the green tips before that.


Is there anything you can do to keep the deer/rabbits from eating my flowers?

We do offer deer/rabbit scram applications. The cost to handle varies based on the coverage area, and each application is effective for 30-45 days based on normal weather/conditions. Let us know if you would like to have this job performed at your property.


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