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When applying pre-emergent fertilizer, remember to do the following:

1. Inspect your spreader to ensure it is in proper working order
2. Pick up “Weed and Feed” (as it is often called)
3. Refer to the manufacturer’s label for further instructions.

Through an annual contract, The Ormond Group visits your property regularly throughout the course of your contract – conducting onsite inspections. We value your lawn, and its health and appearance will take precedence over methods and procedures.

With the Turf Care Program, clients receive all the appropriate applications/treatments required for tall turf fescue as prescribed by the industry for healthy root system. Soil temperatures this time of year render mid-March and early April the optimal time for applications of pre-emergent fertilizer.

The first and second application of pre-emergent fertilizer should be within 6 weeks of each other. The second application of fertilizer is used to extend the prevention of crabgrass and other warm-weather weeds, while providing nutrients to your fescue turf.