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Fescue, the predominant turf grass in Charlotte, is a cool season grass and doesn’t like the muggy conditions that accompany summer. To expect your turf to look like it does in the spring and fall will just get you frustrated. There are things, processes and applications, that can assist in damage control, but in the end, be resolved that fall is right around the corner and you will be able to reseed and revitalize your lawn once again.

In the interim, here are a few tips for the rest of the summer if you haven’t already addressed them:

  • Water in the mornings only and only a few times a week. Though your lawn may appear to need a drink, that is often not the case, and over watering and watering in the evenings will only hurt what lawn you do have. Your lawn only needs about an inch of water a week.
  • As mentioned before, the summer temperature and humidity pose some challenges for your cool season turf. Brown patch is the most common disease this time of year and a properly-timed application(s) of fungicide is in order. Please be sure to read and follow manufacturers label for instructions.
  • Applying a little iron for green-up is certainly a nice addition, but again, be sure to follow instructions.
  • Yes, fall is on the way, so mid-August is the time to start looking at renovating any problem areas in advance of the fall seeding process.

And as always, “enjoy the garden; it’s another room of your house!”™

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