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As you enjoy the fruits of your recent aeration and seeding, it is time to turn your attention to the beautiful and colorful varieties of fall flowers and ornamental plants! Now is the perfect time to brighten your yard with the colors of fall.

  • Preparation is key. Remove the old flowers, including the root systems. Shake some of that rich soil from the roots back into to the bed before discarding the flower though.
  • Till the area thoroughly; then rake it smooth and remove any clumps or old debris if needed.
  • Top the bed with composted cow manure and a mixture of slow release and balance fertilizer. You do not want to till this in, however, because the flowers you are planting are shallow and you want all the nutrients up near the new plants.
  • Next, cover the area with a soil conditioner that will serve as the mulch. You will want to do this before planting as it makes it so much easier than attempting to mulch around newly planted delicate annuals.
  • Decide on your color scheme and plant varieties. Plant, water thoroughly, and enjoy.

And as always, “enjoy the garden; it’s another room of your house!”™

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