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As most of your leaves have already dropped, it’s a great time to begin your final fall clean up!

  • Clean out all water features of remaining excess and debris before winterizing (if applicable).
  • Don’t forget to clean your gutters.
  • Spend a few minutes dead heading/fertilizing and watering your pansies.
  • Be sure to winterize your irrigation system and back flow prevention device.
  • In mid to late December, be sure to apply a winterizer to carry your turf through to pre-emergent season.
  • If you buy a live Christmas tree, bring it home and put it in your garage for a day to let it acclimate before putting it up in your warm home.

Also, have fun this year and bring your garden inside as you decorate your center pieces and mantels for Christmas.

And as always, “enjoy the garden; it’s another room of your house!”™

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